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Candle lanterns add ambience to any space, indoors or out. But they are perhaps most magical used for alfresco dining at dusk.

“They’re wonderful, because people can sit outside even if they don’t have outdoor lighting, and see each other while they have dinner or drinks,” said Janice Parker, a landscape architect in Greenwich, Conn. “They’re very atmospheric, and add that soft glow and flicker.”

Ms. Parker frequently uses candle lanterns, also known as hurricane lamps, to illuminate tables, seating groups and circulation areas outside, even when there is landscape lighting.

“You can use them to outline the edges of a terrace or a patio, and they look amazing when you put them around a pool, because they reflect in the water,” she said. “Multiples are good as focal points or on tables, but singles can really explain the landscape for people in the dark.”

Pierced-porcelain lanterns with metal handles

$39 to $59 each at West Elm: 888-922-4119 or

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